When one is choosing a painter for your custom home, we believe the two most important considerations are (1) quality and (2) timeliness. The work of a high quality painter is quite visible and can be seen in every room of your house. Our primary goal is to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our work. Also, because of our extensive experience and larger size, we are able to meet difficult timelines and schedules.

Fred Marshall Painting is the premier painting contractor in Park City. Over the years we have had a number of clients that first chose a less reputable painter because of price, but subsequently hired us when the job was “completed” or even in the middle of the job to fix quality issues or to meet a schedule that was not being met. It is usually better for your stress level, and even your wallet, to get it done right the first time.

When you are choosing a painter for your multi-million dollar home you do not want to skimp by using a bargain basement painter; please choose a painter that will make your home a masterpiece. In the painting and coatings industry, Fred Marshall Painting is synonymous with quality. One of the best home builders in Park City describes us as, “hands down the finest painting contractor in Park City.” Another customer describes us as a painter of “high quality for a fair price.” What makes a Fred Marshall Painting home extra special is our furniture-grade lacquer and stain finishes.
Paint & Stain – Great Room – Deer Valley, Park City, Utah

We are known in Park City as being the painter for the highest-end and most difficult projects. Often, even our competitors will refer customers to us if a project is too difficult or too large.

Paint & Stain - Great Room - Deer Valley, Park City, Utah

The Great Room of a Home We Painted in Deer Valley.